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Bitch Got Out Of Line is a sometimes serious, often hilarious discussion about the reality of being a woman in man’s world.

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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

In this great interview, Penelope Camarata shares how she went from being an EMS Dispatcher to now supporting EMS and First Responders in processing their trauma. Penelope has an upcoming book and is now working on continuing education programs for EMS and First Responders.
Sensitive Content warning: this episode discusses suicide and other subjects that may be difficult for sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
#firstresponders #CPTSD #PTSD #mentalhealth #EMT #fireandrescue #HealingHeroes #ResilientMinds #PTSDWarriors #MentalWellnessMatters #TraumaRecovery #SupportingFirstResponders #MindBodyHealing #EmotionalResilience #BreakingTheStigma #MentalHealthAwareness #EMS #FirstResponders #MentalHealth #Trauma #traumainformedcare #traumainformed #mentalhealthmatters #ComplexPTSD
You can find Penelope at:
Find her at by searching Philadelphia PA, First Responder or by her name, Penelope Camarata. Facebook page: email: emsfitness323@gmail.comFor speaking engagements:
0:00 Introduction & how Penelope got into this type of coaching.
4:00 Getting back to the root cause of trauma and Penelope's coaching methods. 
11:00 Social co-regulation and the importance of being around safe people.
12:30 Dysregulating and unsafe therapy experiences.
14:30 Continuing Education for First Responders in PA.
17:00 Incorporating energy healing and creating safety for the coaching client. Training for leadership.
25:00 Stigmas around getting mental health care. Healing is possible but we should not be doing it alone. Codependency and hypervigilance/hyperindependence and the trap of our false beliefs without outside input. 
38:00 The risk of suicide for EMS and First Responders, suffering in silence, and how suicide affects those who are left behind. 
48:00 Penelope's upcoming projects and her new book for first responders. 
52:00 This is all normal and it can get better!
55:00 Final thoughts, Penelope's contact info, and coaching programs.
To reach Maria for Interview Requests, Podcast Appearances, etc. please visit or 

Saturday Oct 07, 2023

In this episode, I have a conversation with powerhouse Jena Michelle, who experienced a kundalini awakening as a fundamentalist Christian. 
Jena Michelle was already trauma-informed when she was hospitalized against her will, by a healthcare system that is NOT trauma-informed. She's now navigating a new reality, and she's here to share her challenges, her hopes and dreams, and her post-traumatic growth.
0:00 Pointing out a problem means you become the problem, and how to simply walk among the problems, instead of trying to change and fix them. Jena Michelle's post-traumatic growth after being held in hospital against her will. Trauma, polyvagal theory, exploring consciousness.
4:30 non-duality, how the Course In Miracles changes your mindset, negative self-talk, failures in biohacking trauma. Original sin. 
8:30 processing anger and rage during grief.
10:30 The truth of the nervous system: the nervous system does not lie. 
13:30 Toxic positivity in the spiritual community, physical pain and depression, John Sarno's book the Divided Mind
23:30 blaming the neurodivergent instead of helping them. 
36:30 religion can prevent us from experiencing god. 
32:30 the psychosis of jesus, pysical violence, spankings, parental rage, 
36:30 The shadow is as good as the gift. perimenopause and trauma, how women differ from men, neurologically, starting at puberty, normalizing the energy fluctuations, living outside off time. 
43:30 People being "concerned" 
46:30 Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck 
47:30 Healing through telling your truth. Self-abandonment and choosing yourself. The strength of sensitivity. 
51:30 Highly sensitive, autistic, ADHD or just trauma? 
57:30 Using Human design in the healing process
59:30 Normalizing trauma and nervous system dysregulation and living with trauma within the context of our old belief systems.
01:15:30 Blaming demons, navigating losing relationships as you heal and grow. Deconstructing your own false beliefs, deconstructing religion. Our need for community and social co-regulation. 
01:28:30 The mass exodus from religion, the real awakening. #metoo #ustoo 
01:40:30 Barbie movie, feminism, our need for feminist men, and for safe men
01:45:30 God created everything, even the things you don't like. The strange fuckery that is in the bible, a few moments of blasphemy. 
01:48:30 The broken system, not trauma-informed. 
01:59:00 Jena Michelle's contact info - @iamjenamichelle @reallifewholelife on Tiktok 

Saturday Sep 09, 2023

In this episode of Healing Matters I will share how I went from thinking therapy was total BS, to absolutely loving it, and loving my therapist, Dr. Camea Peca. See her here, Calming the Dragon: :18 I'm never going to therapy!
:35 I was barely functioning from a compound grief when I tried to begin therapy.
2:00 My first experience with therapy during a trauma response.
3:00 Why CBT did not work well for me.
4:35 Somatic experience.
6:40 Moving emotions through writing.
8:00 Trying again, taking the Trauma-Informed approach.

Saturday Jul 01, 2023

Life, death, healing, grace and everything in between.
In this episode, Maria and guest Joey Ihly discuss spirituality, healing, forgiveness, grace, psychedelic experiences, ketamine therapy and more. 
#healingjourney #mentalhealth #wellness #biohacking #mediation
00: Introduction, guest Joey Ihly, 1:30 2:52 Healing the mind, body, and spirit4:15 Productive stress vs. external stress, avoiding boredom9:45 Ketamine therapy update12:30 Joey's MDMA experience20:30 Incorporating meditation and practices to support neuroplasticity27:15 Hawkin's scale of consciousness29:39 Choosing to be grateful even when things are not perfect. 31:30 Stuck in my story, minimizing my success, the impact we have on others even when we are not intending to. 34:30 Generational poverty consciousness. 40:30 Not enoughness, addiction to drama, comfort in familiarity, creating problems where they don't exist. 46:30 Law of attraction, the quantum universe, past lives, becoming more you.53:00 The LSD God Experience, psychedelics in the healing journey,1:08:45 Finding grace, trusting the process1:13:45 True alchemy, transforming our pain into healing, radical forgiveness. 1:20:30 Prebirth contracts1:25:00 Grief and grieving, the Audrey Hale Nashville school shooting,  ascending levels of consciousness, choosing peace by trusting in a power greater than ourselves. 1:34:00 When to stop fixing yourself. The power of grace and acceptance. 144:10 Beginning of the end of the episode, with further discussion.145:00 Protocol versus practice, somatic responses to emotional issues, hypervigilance150:00 Joey attending Dr. Joe Dispenza's week-long retreat in Denver. 2:06:00 What if you're already there? 2:08:00 Enlightenment and not giving a f*ck. 2:10:30 The athiest TicTok debater's confidence (look him up), "I remember my first beer." 2:16:00 Forgetting who we are in the veiled human experience, god's insane sense of humor.2:19:00 The importance of belly laughs and not taking it too seriously.2:21:00 Actual belly laughs.  02:27:00 Keeping the faith, beleiving in this or better, turning off the news, true crime and how it relates to our trauma, the algorithm, waking up in the dream. 
Books, Resources and Tools Mentioned In This Episode
Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson
Healing Developmental Trauma, How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship by Laurence Heller, Tom Perkins, et al,
Huberman Labs Podcast Erasing Fears & Traumas Based on the Modern Neuroscience of Fear | Huberman Lab Podcast #49
Mel Robbins Podcast
Books by Dr. Joe Dispenza,
Timothy Schultz Lottery Winners Podcast:
Joyous, legal Ketamine Microdosing:

Monday Apr 03, 2023

First, I refer to Audrey as her, because she was a her when I knew her, and she only went by Audrey when I knew her, which was in 2017 for 2 semesters at Nossi College of Art. 
:27 Why was I called for Interviews in the Audrey Hale/Aiden Hale case.2:00 How and how long I knew Audrey Hale. We had a strictly teacher/student relationship.4:40 It wasn't demons, it was a mentally ill person did this. People who are in their right minds do not kill or harm others. 6:00 What I observed on her social media over the past year and what I saw of her in the short period she was in my classes. 9:30 Glorifying guns, taking 3 professional courses, she planned.10:00 Why do we tell people that they're "an abomination"?10:30 Why does a certain group of people believe A Course In Miracles is "evil" when it's really a lesson in forgiving the world (ps. #wwjd I think that's what Jesus did right?)? 11:00 Did god create murderers? Did god create people with mental health issues? 12:40 Witch hunts never solve anything, they create more hatefulness. We all need to do better.
I really did not know a ton. If you have questions feel free to #AMA on Reddit. I will not be taking comments on YouTube. 

Sunday Feb 26, 2023

This week on the podcast, Self Sabotage & Mindfulness Coach Jehan Sattaur of the Boundless Authenticity Podcast joins me to discuss managing the body and nervous system when healing trauma. 
Please visit Jehan Sattaur @jehansattaur for information on Jehan's Coaching programs.
:30 Post-traumatic growth. Book: Antifragile: 
The story we tell ourselves about what is happening. A Course In Miracles: I am never upset for the reason I think. 
5:00 Childhood trauma showing up in adulthood.
11:12 Early mistakes in healing our adult selves, expecting immediate results. 
14:00 "Having fun" as a trauma response, being the party girl. 
15:00 Jehan presents a meditation to downregulate the nervous system. 
#narcissism #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #emotionalintelligence #podcast #relationships #spirituality #trauma #nervoussystem #cptst #complexptsd #codependency #healingjourney
To learn more, or to buy the book, visit connect with Jehan, please visit and find him on Instagram @jehansattaur. 

Sunday Feb 19, 2023

This week on the podcast, Self Sabotage & Mindfulness Coach Jehan Sattaur of the Boundless Authenticity Podcast joins me to discuss managing the body and nervous system when healing trauma. 
Please visit Jehan Sattaur @jehansattaur for information on Jehan's Coaching programs.
:35 When I hit the spirituality wall and forgot to address the nervous system and physical aspect of healing my trauma. Why spirituality can fail when it comes to healing trauma.
Self-reflection during the pandemic, doing the work in solitude. Leveling the playing field through technology.
Feminine and masculine energy.
13:00  Nervous system regulation, Oprah's book "What Happened To You"
18:40 What is a trauma? Adverse Childhood Experiences 
Repeating behaviors, self-sabotage, completion of patterns.
24:50 food additives and neurotoxicity, caffeine, sugar, etc.Please visit Jehan Sattaur @jehansattaur for information on Jehan's Coaching programs.
28:00 Fight, flight, freeze, fawn, numb, dysregulation, disassociation. Dealing with trauma. Rejection and resentment. Regulation tip: when you are triggered, just tell yourself "I'm having a response right now." 
Join us next week for part 2.
#narcissism #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #emotionalintelligence #podcast #relationships #spirituality #trauma #nervoussystem #cptst #complexptsd #codependency #healingjourney
To learn more, or to buy the book, visit connect with Jehan, please visit and find him on Instagram @jehansattaur. 

Sunday Feb 12, 2023

In this episode, we continue the conversation from last week. Special guest, Evie Marie joins They Might Be Toxic for some laughs about toxic relationships and dating horror stories.
:00 Being too rigid, when we become the toxic party, and time we were toxic in relationships: overgeneralizations and avoidance patterns. 
8:00 can we stop with the creepy texting, porn and ridiculous expectations? Explicit content, more hilarious horror stories. 
21:00 Awkward caressing cringe. 
#narcissism #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #emotionalintelligence #podcast #relationships #dating#cptst #complexptsd #codependency 
To learn more, or to buy the book, visit

Toxic Dating Stories, Part 2

Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Sunday Feb 05, 2023

In this episode, we continue the conversation from last week.
:00 Dating nightmare  #2 When he asks, "Would you rather be raped or murdered?"5:00 Discerning our level of safety8:00 Early communications, getting therapy. Maria's dating swipe nightmare #2 11:30 learning about trauma, and dealing with it before you date. How and why I wrote my book "You're not Triggered, You're Dysregulated"16:05 Dating nightmare #3 - 5th date, a workout plan, "We can fix this", NEGging.27:50 Non-negotiables in dating
#narcissism #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #emotionalintelligence #podcast #relationships #dating#cptst #complexptsd #codependency 
To learn more, or to buy the book, visit

Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Special guest, Evie Marie joins They Might Be Toxic for some laughs about toxic relationships and dating horror stories.
:00 Introduction, turning 30, false expectations in relationships, RomCom expectations, who really created our toxic dating standards?6:30 Tinder, hinge, cringe. Toxic dating profiles, the swipe. 11:30 Toxic dating stories: Unintentionally dating a married person.22:00 Gaslighting, and gaslighting ourselves after a toxic relationship. Women's intuition and trusting our gut feelings. 24:00 A celebrity gaslight story and the bullets we dodge. 
Next week, we'll continue the discussion. This conversation is comprised of 3 episodes.
#narcissism #toxicrelationships #emotionalabuse #emotionalintelligence #podcast #relationships #toxicdating #tinder #hinge #cringe#cptst #complexptsd #codependency #childhoodabuse
To learn more, or to buy the book, They Might Be Toxic, by Maria Colomy visit 

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